Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Frosting by Ziploc

Do you ever find yourself making cupcakes, and see that you’ve run out of frosting bags, or decorating tips? I know I do all the time! The solution I have for this (which in my opinion is actually even better than using the special bags and metal tips) is to use a Ziploc baggie to apply frosting to your cupcake. How do you do this?

1)    Make your frosting
2)    Empty the frosting from the bowl to the Ziploc baggie (probably should be the gallon sized one, but it will depend on the amount of frosting you are making)
3)    Cut off the corner of one of the bottom corners on the baggie
a.    MAKE SURE you know what size you want the frosting to come out.
b.    I would recommend to cut no more than a ½ inch hole (when the bag is laid flat)
4)    Make sure that your bag, now filled with frosting, is securely shut at the top
5)    Now you can start decorating your cupcakes!
a.    Make sure you are squeezing the frosting from the top to the bottom – not from the bottom to the top (that would make the bag burst and all of the frosting fly out!)

Good Luck!! 

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